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Wesley Wong: Illustrator, Colorist, and Generally Tolerable Individual

Despite what you might guess from the images on this page, Wesley Wong is not a frog king, a vaguely arachnid creature, or any other non-human being. He might choose to be reincarnated as a spider if he could. Spiders are fascinating.

In this life, however, Wes is an illustrator, a colorist, and a generally tolerable individual, just as the headline suggests.

As an illustrator, Wes employs both traditional and digital media. He counts storyboarding and sequential illustration among his skills and blames his interest in visual storytelling on all of those comic books he read as a kid.

As a colorist, Wes uses Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio, and other programs to explore digital coloring and painting techniques. Past and current clients include Upper Deck Games, 1First Comics, Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

And as a generally tolerable individual, Wes lives and works just outside of Chicago, Illinois, where he interacts through his social media accounts and dreams of dog ownership.

For work inquiries, contact Wes at or

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